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Brian Fanzo on Making True Connections via Digital Technology

On this episode of AMPUp Your Digital Marketing, we sit down with Brian Fanzo, founder of iSocialFanz and host of the podcasts FOMOfanz and SMACtalk. Brian talks fast and tweets faster and his philosophy #ThinkLikeAFan has powered many first of their kind storytelling campaigns for various companies leveraging the power of a variety of social platforms.  He likes to push the envelope when it comes to digital marketing and we get a small taste of his fast-talking ideas in this interview.


  • Why digital? - Digital allows you to easily connect with people by cutting down the barriers and letting people more freely share their experiences and stories
  • Over the past 8-10 years we have used digital to distance ourselves from the customer but now it’s coming full circle and digital marketing is returning to making a personal connection with people and getting closer to them
  • It’s important to remember that digital marketing cannot replace human connection.
  • It’s all about connecting with people in real time and having authentic and raw conversations with them.
  • In order to be successful in digital marketing you need to embrace two mindset shifts
    • Perfection is a fairytale
    • Control is an illusion (consumer has more data, information and tools then we often have)
  • Get started by defining what a successful digital marketing campaign is to you.   Then look at your goals and how you can measure them.  This walks you backwards into the best technology to use to help you reach that idea of success you established at the start.
  • Always operate where your business and customers are today BUT also always be listening for where they are going tomorrow; you must leverage social listening in order to be successful.

Connect with Brian at or on twitter @isocialfanz  or

Brad Yeater

Brad Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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