Leveraging your Social Reach through Employee Advocacy

Leveraging your Social Reach through Employee Advocacy

Your social reach is one of the determining factors to the success of your social media strategy, and your employee advocates should be taking center stage! Employee advocates are your own group of brand marketers that have the ability to leverage your social reach, and knowing how to harness their enthusiasm and efforts can streamline the effects of your influence in the social media world. While your reach as a company may be limited, your employees can increase your social media influence exponentially as brand marketers.

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Users who choose to follow you on a variety of social media forums - from Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn - may have a multitude of reasons for doing so. Perhaps they’re former employees or prospective recruitments; Perhaps they’re current customers; Perhaps they’re vendors associated with your product. No matter what the reason, you’ve created or established some sort of relationship - whether direct or indirect - through your interactions as a company on social media. Now it’s time to use these established relationships to forge new ones. But how can you reach outside of your typical user fanbase to customers typically unattainable?

Extend Your Social Reach

Employees (and any user, for that matter) have the ability to connect your company to a network of their own. As a personal profile rather than a business or company profile, employees have friends who may otherwise not be connected to your company. Their friends, family, and acquaintances have perhaps not been exposed to your company for any number of reasons, and the connection may come from your common friend: an employee advocate.

A Trustworthy Advocate

Employees tend to be more trustworthy than companies, and this fact is no secret. This is why GaggleAMP holds employees in high regards, as they’re one of your best marketing tools! Users on their networks may view your employee as an actual person rather than an unreachable corporation, and that connection could be the one that sells your product. Employees are genuine, and that sincerity as a personable recruiter can gain traction in the social media realm.

Leverage Your Social Media Efforts

The result of touching networks of users through employee advocates is that your social media efforts are leveraged, and your strategy has the ability to influence a wider scope of users. GaggleAMP’s marketing goal is to harness the sincerely supportive employee advocates and utilize it as a relationship-builder, gaining your company more customers and hopefully more sales!

See How GaggleAMP Can Help Extend Your Social Reach

Your employees are an untapped resource in your social media strategy. Support their enthusiasm for your company and social media by using GaggleAMP.

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Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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