Keep It Simple: Employee Advocacy Belongs Where Your Employees Live

Keep It Simple: Employee Advocacy Belongs Where Your Employees Live

In order to get employee adoption for your advocacy program, your organization needs to make it as easy as possible for employees to contribute.

The average employee has multiple software platforms they use for work. Asking them to add another platform to the mix is a big request. They also get a huge amount of work done away from their desks, whether they’re traveling, working from home, or quickly responding to notifications while walking to a meeting. This is why your employee advocacy program needs to support the mobile workforce and integrate with the business platforms your company uses.

The right integrations allow employees to quickly respond to notifications within some of the most popular business applications and use them securely and remotely without leaving their current window. You need to take an employee-focused approach to your employee advocacy initiative, and the proper software integrations will help you do that.

Collaboration Tools

Almost every organization has a collaboration tool that nearly all its employees use. Many of these tools are so popular, they’ve replaced email for internal communication. Employees spend a lot of time on their communication platforms because it allows them to complete multiple tasks.

Slack, for example, is one of the most popular and fastest-growing collaboration platforms in both professional and educational environments today. People use it for direct messages, group messages, setting reminders, creating to-do lists, video calls, sharing documents, and more.

If you want your employees to take part in your advocacy initiative and add a small task outside of their core responsibilities, it’d be wise to give them the ability to complete those tasks in a platform they’re already using.

Your employee advocacy solution should send your users a notification through their collaboration software whenever there is content you want them to promote. That way, it’ll take no time at all for them to take action on it. The employee should be able to customize how often they get these notifications, so they can promote content during the time of day they feel works best for them.

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CRM Platforms

The purpose of customer relationship management (CRM) software is to keep you organized. CRM platforms are designed to keep different contacts, tools, documents, and other information that you need all in one place under one window, so you don’t have to dig around for another window or document somewhere on your desktop.

CRM tools such as Salesforce are highly effective and are some of the most popular types of business-focused software platforms in the world. Employees who use these tools do a great amount of work in them and don’t want to leave their CRM dashboard window.

This is why your employee advocacy solution should integrate with your CRM software in order to make it easier for your employees to access your employee advocacy program. Ideally, you want your solution’s functionality to be available within the CRM window, so they can respond to notifications and in minimal time before carrying on with their day.

Web Browsers

This may come as no surprise, but your employees spend a huge amount of time at work on a web browser.

Outside of conducting research for projects and the occasional visit to social media websites, people need to be in their browser because of the large number of web apps that businesses use today. Employees do a huge amount of work in web apps, so your employee advocacy software needs to integrate with popular browsers such as Google Chrome.

Integration doesn’t mean just having a web app or a website that supports the browser you use. You want to make it even simpler and less invasive for the user. A great way to do that is by using browser extensions of your employee advocacy solution to give the user the ability to respond to notifications quickly without leaving the web page or web app their browser is on.

Mobile Apps

Today’s workforce is on the go. Employees get a lot of work done on their mobile devices, whether they’re at an airport, at a conference, walking back from lunch, etc. It’s important for your software to cater to the mobile professional.

Your employee advocacy solution needs to be available as a mobile app and offer all the functionality you’d normally get on a desktop PC, but it needs to be optimized for the mobile experience. This allows users to respond to push notifications from their mobile devices while on the go.

Making it easier for employees to contribute to an employee advocacy program starts with the right solution and is backed by the right methodology. It’s important that your solution works where your employees live, whether that’s in a collaboration platform, CRM, web browser, etc. By enabling your employees through the right software, you can steer them in the right direction with your marketing methodology.

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