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Make Employee Advocacy Work For Your Agency

Posted on 11/21/2016
Brad Yeater

Are you missing an opportunity with your clients? Employee advocacy is a need for nearly every organization and you could be losing business by not offering a managed program for your clients. 

We work with many agencies that are delivering amazing results and growing their business through managing employee advocacy programs. In the infographic below, we share the story of how one of our agency partners was able to show huge success in an employee advocacy pilot and win more business with a client by using GaggleAMP.   

Learn how your agency can partner with GaggleAMP.

IMG-1689 GaggleAMP_Infographic_EmployeeAdvocacy.jpg

A GaggleAMP agency partner ran a small six month pilot as a proof of concept for a large blue chip technology company and the results were truly amazing.

50 employee pilot group:

  • 25 employees shared messages using GaggleAMP
  • 25 employees shared messages using an excel spreadsheet with content
  • Content was also shared from corporate accounts

42,000 total clicks earned

94% of clicks came from messages shared by employees

  • 83% of these clicks came from employees sharing with GaggleAMP
  • 11% of these clicks came from employees sharing from spreadsheet
  • 6% of clicks came from messages shared by corporate accounts

564% more clicks were earned from employee messages than corporate posts, proving that content shared from personal profiles receives more engagement.

42,000 clicks earned x Average Google AdWord PPC of $2 per click = $84,000 savings vs ads

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