A social graph is defined as a representation of the interconnection of relationships in an online social network. Thus, your employee social graphs are simply representations of the networks created online through your employees! Our goal at GaggleAMP is to extend your reach and influence by tapping into these social graphs to amplify your social media efforts, but many don’t realize the power of employee social graphs and how they’re truly a source of referral business. Let’s take a closer look at the power of employee social graphs and the impacts they can have on your social media marketing campaign.

employee advocacy

The idea behind employee advocacy is that your employees are able to reach networks (or social graphs) that may be unreachable by the company itself. There are a few barriers that keep these users out of your direct network but that can be utilized as a strength when employee advocates are raised up as a as a unified voice on behalf of the company:

  • Trust: The social graphs of your employees tend to trust the employees they follow more so than the company itself. Not only are employees viewed as more honest, they’re also seen as an authentic source for information about your company.
  • Shared Interest: The great part about having employees with their own social graphs is that they tend to connect with users who align with their interests. This creates networks of vastly different users and personalities and needs that can all be connected via your company through your employees! Shared interest is what forms a relationship between the user and employee, and this could be the bond that allows further connection of the user to your company as well.

While an employee social graph is an exciting and untapped resource, the only way to reap the benefits of these graphs is to get your employees to share content. Otherwise they’re just disengaged connections and an untapped resource. GaggleAMP aims to make this process easier by giving employees easy-to-use and easy-to-share links that correlate with your company’s social media activities, ensuring that the resources are all there for your employee advocates to succeed.

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