How to Show Your Employees Their Advocacy is Valued

How to Show Your Employees Their Advocacy is Valued

Employee advocates have the ability to catapult your social media marketing strategy and extend your reach exponentially. With the ability to gain trust, retain loyalty, and grow your network, employee advocates are the backbone to any successful social media campaign. At GaggleAMP, we understand that while employees may be more than willing to do the dirty work, they’ll certainly appreciate knowing that their advocacy efforts are valued! Knowing how to demonstrate your appreciation can bolster your relationship with your employees and further support success.

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1. Acknowledge! Your employees may not always need a pat on the back for their every success, but simply acknowledging a great job when you see one can help support their achievements and boost their confidence to further succeed.

2.Help with training opportunities. Before you release your employees into the digital world, you’ll train them thoroughly in the policies and procedures that help protect yourself and them in their social interactions. Continue that support by helping them with training opportunities to keep them up-to-date on any changes and advances on every social media platform.

3.Invite power advocates to lunches with executives.We all know that feeling: Getting included in an event with the ‘boss’. It’s exhilarating, and while you probably were a little anxious, you felt a huge boost in confidence knowing that you belonged with that crowd! Advocates who are making waves in the social media world deserve to know that they’re making a real difference, and doing something as simple as inviting them to lunch with the ‘higher-ups’ helps to show that you appreciate their efforts.

4.Gather high performers together for strategy sessions. Most times, teams can come up with better ideas than any individual on their own, and forming a group of high-success employees can yield truly impactful results. Get your best advocates together for strategy sessions to see what steps to take next in your social media marketing strategy, and you’ll be sure to see results.

5.Promote the leaders. Employee advocacy will yield a variety of performances, as is such with any aspect of your business. The leaders in your employee advocacy groups deserve promotion just the same as any high-achieving leader in any other part of your business. Tier your advocates in order to give them goals to reach and levels to aim for, and you’ll find that this helps to focus efforts and streamline processes.

When you demonstrate that employee advocacy is a valued asset to your company, you help promote its success. Support and empower employee advocates to succeed, and your social media strategy will feel the impact!

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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