How Employee Advocacy Helps You Get The Most Out Of Any Conference

How Employee Advocacy Helps You Get The Most Out Of Any Conference

Any conference is an opportunity for spreading brand awareness and creating new connections, and the way to maximize this opportunity is through employee advocacy.

Conferences are fast-paced with a high volume of interactions, both in person and on social media. In order to maximize the number of interactions, engagements, and connections you have with attendees, you need to have a strong social media presence. The best way to do this is through a strong employee advocacy program, and having a plan heading into a show of what to promote and the types of people to engage with.

Your employees are a great way to promote any initiative of your organization because they come off as more personable than you brand, and they have a larger combined reach than your brand. When your brand’s account promotes something or engages with people at a conference, these people will view it as an ad. They’ll see a brand trying to talk to them and know that this brand has an agenda. But when an shares that same information, they’re more receptive to it. People are seen as more trustworthy than brands are, so they lead to stronger engagement rates.

What To Promote?

You want to leverage the longer reach and the perception of being trustworthy that your employees have. You can do this by having them and engage with people, but you can also have your employees promote all sorts of initiatives your company might have at an event. You can have your employees post or share content about visiting your booth, attending your sessions, watching a live demo that you’re holding at a certain time, etc. Employees can invite people to these initiatives and offer to meet them there. By having your employees post about these initiatives through conference hashtags, your initiatives will have a much stronger reach.

On its own, your brand’s account will have a harder time engaging with attendees and promoting initiatives because people are more trustworthy than a brand. For any initiative that you want employees to promote at a show, you should create digital banners about these initiatives ahead of time, whether it's visiting your booth or attending a session, so they can share them on social media.

Engaging with attendees and building connections are the two most beneficial things you can do at a conference, and your employees are your ticket to doing this. But your employees can also be very helpful in posting and promoting content to draw interest towards your brand.

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Leverage Employees On The Ground  

If you have a employees at a conference, you want them to all be on the same page of what your goals are on social media.

Employees can be very effective in promoting the employer brand and their initiatives, creating a large presence on social media to spread awareness of your brand. Employees at a conference are your eyes and ears on the ground. They can post videos, photos, quotes from speakers and attendees, pictures of your booth, selfies with attendees, and post about what they are seeing and hearing from the conference.

Posts about what themes attendees are discussing is exactly the type of content that resonates on a conference hashtag feed. Employees can also post about what speaker sessions they found interesting and why. Employees can post on their own, but can also feed the social media team this content so they can promote it through the brand account and the employee advocacy program.  

Building and Promoting Content

These are great examples of what employees can post and are easy to do, but an added benefit is you’ll have great topics to build content around after the show is over.

You can write blogs, produce podcasts and videos on themes, trends and challenges your employees heard speakers and attendees talking about at the conference for weeks following the event. However, during the time of the show, you want to churn out more timely content so you can promote it during the conference when there is still a buzz around these topics.

Conferences are important for any company to take advantage of. Whether you’re sponsoring the event, have a booth, you’re speaking at it or you’re just an attendee, you want to make the most of it. Employee advocacy can help you do that by increasing awareness, engagement and building valuable connections.

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