How Employee Advocacy Fuels a Fast-Growth Company

How Employee Advocacy Fuels a Fast-Growth Company

Employee advocacy has many different benefits for any organization, but there are specific advantages for fast-growth companies.

Divvy, a financial platform that allows businesses to securely manage payments and subscriptions, has seen its funding and headcount increase dramatically. The company grew from 20 employees to about 200 in under 18 months and tripled its valuation in less than three months. Through employee advocacy with GaggleAMP, the Lehi, Utah-based organization boosted its digital presence along its fast-growth journey.

In a recent webinar, How Employee Advocates Can Supercharge Your Growing Business, Sterling Snow, VP of Marketing at Divvy, described the value he saw from GaggleAMP through talent pool development, sustaining the same great company culture, and tracking involvement.

“It's not just about making sure everyone's heard your name and understands your value,” Snow said in the webinar. “It's also about having employees who are highly bought in, who are highly engaged, who have the sense of the business and where you're trying to go, and GaggleAMP helps with that in very meaningful ways.”

Here, we’ve highlighted four of the benefits that Snow described in the webinar.

Extending the News Cycle

When companies see a great amount of growth and funding, they’ll get some attention from the press. The trick is to take advantage of this positive attention you’re receiving.

Employee advocacy has many benefits for public relations departments including drawing in more attention from media outlets and extending the news cycle. When employees share and engage with content that a news outlet published about your company, its reporters will notice the boost in engagement they get when covering you – giving them an extra incentive to do so again in the future.

By having employees promote this content over a long period of time, it extends that story’s life in the news cycle longer than it normally would. This draws in more traffic and engagement towards content weeks after it was published when stories typically run their course by then.

Recruiting and Hiring

Rapidly growing companies want to take on new employees as fast as they can, but they don’t want to sacrifice quality hires in order to do this.

The trouble is it’s very hard for any organization to draw in top applicants if they’ve never heard of your brand. That’s why it’s important to have a strong digital presence. Much like sales prospects, job applicants will touch different areas of your digital presence a number of times before ever engaging with your company, whether it be social media posts, your website, blog posts, and more.

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Companies can promote their own recruiting and HR initiatives through their own brand accounts on social media, but it’s far more effective when employees do this. Divvy uses its employee advocacy program to promote content that highlights its workplace culture, employees, job openings, and more and has seen great results.

"[People] innately trust people more than we trust brands,” Snow said. “If I see that an employee is saying something good about their employer, I will innately trust that much more than what that company says about itself, its culture, and why you want to work there.”

By mobilizing your employees to promote your HR initiatives through an employee advocacy program, you’d be amazed at the results that trickle in, Snow said.


It can be difficult for any fast-growth company to keep the same culture as it drastically increases its employees.

How can you keep your culture the same as it was when you had just 20 employees when you grow to 200 employees in under 18 months? That’s the problem Divvy faced, and it was important for it to solve.

“Your culture and your identity when you were smaller is what enabled you to grow and get to that bigger, more mature size,” Snow said. “You don't want to lose some of those core elements.”

So how do you handle this?

Divvy’s marketing team gives a 30-minute demo of GaggleAMP at every new employee orientation in order for new hires to be familiar with its employee advocacy program. By the end of the session, new employees know what to expect,  and why they should be a part of it. They also understand the company’s mission, its messaging, and gain a better understanding of what it’s like to work there.

They’ll understand the current state of the company and where it’s come from, which helps sustain the company’s culture going forward.

Employee Engagement

Acknowledgments and awards can be a great method to motivate people, but can also draw in other people who aren’t yet participating.

With GaggleAMP, managers can assign point totals to each action they want employees to take and see a scoreboard of who accrued the most points in a given timeframe.

Divvy uses the scoreboard feature to award prizes to its top ten contributors and acknowledge these employees in the company town hall meetings. Prizes typically entail company branded items such as backpacks, hats, thermoses, jackets, and more.

Another incentive Divvy offers employees is it takes its top five point scorers of each quarter out to lunch with the company CEO.

“It becomes a pretty powerful motivator,” Snow said. “It’s also an opportunity for our top executive to say thank you to the five employees that are at that lunch for how deeply they care about our brand and how active they are in advocating on behalf of Divvy.”

These are some of the benefits Divvy got out of employee advocacy with GaggleAMP. You can hear more by watching the webinar. If you would like to discuss how GaggleAMP can help you with the benefits mentioned above, set up a time to talk to us by clicking the link below!

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