Content remains a critical factor when it comes to maintaining a web visitor’s attention and interest on a web site. However, too many marketers take the “create it and they will come”. While you certainly need to start with good content, the next hurdle for most is where to get the eyeballs. Content alone can drive organic search traffic. Of that, there is no doubt and companies should leverage this. The question to ask is — “How do I get more of the right people to see my content?”

The answer may surprise you because you see the answer every day. Think about it. What resource does your company have that is most likely to be already linked to the very people that you want to get your message to? The answer is your employees. Your employees are linked to your potential customers via their personal social media accounts. Take your sales people for example. They spend part of their day on LinkedIn to find new prospects they can connect with and engage to sell your product or service. Their contact list in LinkedIn is a great source of prospects and customers. Add them together and you have a perfect collection of people to get your content in front of.

XO Communications is doing this. In the Spring, they started using GaggleAMP and invited their sales people to be part of what we call a Gaggle. In doing so, their sales people got spoon fed great content in the form of LinkedIn status updates that the sales people now were able to share as appropriate. Visitors that came sales people sharing social media have had a 30% higher visit time than that of organic search visitors. This is not surprising when you think about the universe of people who are connected to sales people. In general, they are more qualified and pre-disposed to wanting information about your company and your industry.

See the case study of what XO Communications here.

The next time you are looking to connect to an audience for your content, the connectors may be talking with you at the water cooler.

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