Developing an Employee Advocacy Offering for Your Marketing Agency

Developing an Employee Advocacy Offering for Your Marketing Agency

In the competitive world of digital marketing, agencies need to stay innovative to remain relevant and profitable. Those that do not stay on the cutting edge with new offerings can see their customers cutting them to go for the agencies that stay ahead of the curve—or so it may seem.

While novelty is always a factor in any industry, the big differentiator in the world of marketing and public relations is value. Novelty helps, but agencies that can deliver value find clients easier, increase their billings, and reduce their overall client churn. But what if we told you that we could help you deliver both novelty and value (and even help boost employee engagement levels with your clients)? The answer lies within an employee advocacy program.

While the impact of social media on everyday life is clear, many organizations still struggle with how to handle the fact that their employees are, by default, brand spokespeople for the company; workers might have as much of an audience as the corporation itself does. Employees are often limited in what they can say online about their employer, or they feel unsure as to what they are allowed to say, and therefore say little or nothing. While this is perceived by many organizations as the “safe” route, it deprives companies of a legion of potential brand promoters and marketing amplifiers, not to mention that it does not help overall employee engagement.

The expertise of marketing and PR agencies makes them a natural venue for aiding in empowering employee advocacy within a company. If your agency offers content strategy, content creation, or social media management services, a program of employee advocacy is a very simple extension to your portfolio that does not require a great deal of effort. If you do not already offer these services, employee advocacy (and the associated services previously mentioned) can be great add-ons to the service list your agency provides, helping you build and grow new service offerings that can make you more valuable to your clients.

Employee advocacy programs in social media help your agency add value on multiple levels.

  • Expanded reach: By building an advocacy program, you help organizations harness their employee base to amplify their content and marketing message. This can vastly increase the overall reach and impact of your marketing efforts on social channels, increasing web traffic and magnifying your social impact.
  • Increased employee engagement: While not a standard metric for most agencies, increased employee engagement is a powerful by-product of a well-constructed advocacy program. By keeping employees better-informed and helping them build their own personal brands (in conjunction with the corporate brand), you can increase satisfaction, reduce employee turnover and raise overall employee engagement levels.
  • Increased leads: Statistics show that people prefer to engage with human beings over corporate accounts. This means that your employees can start (and join existing) conversations which will in turn help boost your lead generation efforts on social channels – conversations that a corporate brand would not be welcome in.

To learn more about adding employee advocacy to your list of services, and what we can do to help, feel free to reach out to sales @ gaggleamp (dot) com.

Brad Yeater

Brad Yeater

Bradley Yeater is the former Marketing Manager at GaggleAMP.

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