Bring your Teams Together to Create a Company Culture Based on Harmony

There are many different types of people who are employees at any company and comprise a multitude of teams; when these teams are all aligned towards a common goal, the results can be impressive. Unfortunately, many teams - sales, marketing, etc - find themselves working towards individual goals without an open line of communication to other teams within the company. To help encourage sales to actively  to share your content, download this eBook and update your strategy. While many may see this as a necessity for their team to focus on their own goals and strengths, the fact of the matter is that a lack of harmony can hurt the company’s chance of success in the long-run.

GA harmony

Sales and marketing typically work close together in many companies, and this can create more opportunities for conflicts. Think about it (you’ve probably seen this scenario before): During times of slow business, your sales team complains to the marketing team that they haven’t generated enough leads. In turn, the marketing team claims that sales never works the leads that they’ve been given hard enough. Create harmony amongst all of your teams by following a few of these simple steps:

Keep an Open Line of Communication: Collaboration can only occur when communication is clear and dependable. Enforce the use of CRM so that no matter who is looking at any given lead or sale, they can see everything that has occurred and that is ongoing. Encourage your marketing team to work with sales during the process once the lead has been handed over, helping to close the deal and solidifying the working relationship between the two teams.

Share Business Endeavors and Progress with All Teams: Have you ever been part of a team within a company that has been disgruntled with other teams, and you’ve found yourself saying, “What do they even do?!” Indeed, some company environments are not conducive to teams knowing more than they need to know, but the fact of the matter is that when one team fully understands the purpose and current ongoings of other teams, they have a better respect for those teams, setting up the company culture for harmonious efforts.

Make an Effort to Improve Company Culture: Even if the teams simply ‘put up’ with one another, that’s not a truly harmonious environment. Take the extra steps to integrating teams together on several occasions - even outside of work! If your company has picnics or holiday parties, be sure to make time to have managerial staff walk to the ‘cliques’ that have likely formed and spend time with all teams, capitalizing on opportunities to match up these cliques to see if personalities simply haven’t had the time to meet up on a more personal basis. You never know, those who seem to be worst enemies during work hours may actually be very similar and could benefit from some casual conversation.

Bring your teams together to create a company culture based on harmony. This alignment can reinforce the lead waterfall and help to funnel more productive leads and generate more successful sales. Plus, it makes clocking in a little more enjoyable!

Additionally, it’s important to also create harmony in terms of the way employees all interact with customers. Essentially, you want your employees to speak the same language via online content sharing to create a marketing harmony of voices. While each voice has its own intonations, quirks, and accents, the end result is that everyone is speaking the same chorus and chiming in to the same mottos.New Call-to-action