What are Employee Advocates and Why do you Need Them?

Your employee advocates are pivotal in the success of your content marketing strategy, and their success can greatly impact the success of your company as a whole.

As an integral part of your content marketing strategy, employee advocates are an essential piece to the marketing puzzle. But before you begin to craft an employee advocacy program, it’s important to have a fully defined concept of what an employee advocate actually is, what they do, and their potential as marketers, as these qualities will therefore answer the question, ‘Why do you need them?’ Check out this infographic to discover just how big of an asset your employee advocates can be. 

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Employee Advocates: An Essential Piece to the Marketing Puzzle

Employee advocacy refers to employees who actively promote your brand, company, or organization. These advocates utilize their own networks to market your content to their personal and professional networks. Their popularity has grown immensely as social media has evolved and users have demanded more authentic relationships with the brands they invest in.

Your employee advocates have a lot to bring to the table, and their ability to impact your engagements on social media and beyond cannot be understated. If you’re unsure of how to identify potential advocates, there are a few sure-fire ways to tell:

  • They’re already active on social media.
  • They understand social media and digital technologies.
  • They’re willing to promote your brand and may already be doing so!

Once you’ve pinpointed a pool of potential candidates for your employee advocacy program, then you simply set the plan in motion in order to allow those employees the freedom to interact and engage with users, extending your social reach far beyond what your company was capable of on its own.

Why do we need employee advocates?

We’ve already said that employee advocates are essential to content marketing, but why? When analyzing the benefits of employee advocates, one must first look at what a company is able to achieve on their own versus what the addition of an advocate can achieve. When it comes to content marketing, the statistics don’t lie.

Users are more likely to engage with content when it’s received from a person rather than a company. This is for a myriad of reasons, but one of the biggest reasons is that employees are viewed as more authentic and trustworthy than a company itself. Employees are genuine, and that sincerity as a personable recruiter can gain traction in the social media realm.

We should also consider the angle of the extension of your social network via an employee. Users can choose whether or not to follow your company just as quickly as they can choose whether or not to follow an employee, but it’s more likely than not that an employee has some overlap in user following plus an additional network of brand new users who may or may not be familiar with your brand in the first place. This is how employees are able to extend your social reach right off the bat, as they have access to a network of users that simply are unattainable via your company alone.

Your employee advocates are pivotal in the success of your content marketing strategy, and their success can greatly impact the success of your company as a whole. At GaggleAMP, we can’t stress enough the importance of your employees and the role they play as advocates for your brand.

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Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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