Creating an employee advocacy program should be at the top of your priorities if you still haven’t put one into play. But the only way to truly reap the rewards from your employee advocates is to find methods and metrics to measure their successes. This measurement can be in regards to direct leads and click-through conversions. Measuring these analytics can be a stumbling block for many, though, as tracking employee attribution is hard to measure in broad terms. You can, though, measure employee attribution based on what your company receives through employee outreach. Measuring the effectiveness of your employee advocacy program by tracking employee attribution is essential to the development and growth of your social media marketing campaign as a whole.

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How does one begin to measure employee attribution and even the success of your employee advocacy program as a whole?

  • Develop a clear, consistent feedback system: In order to encourage behaviors, you’ll first need to know which behaviors are truly successful. GaggleAMP allows companies to track the movements of a user through a database by trailing their click-through habits. For instance, when an employee posts on social media, you can go and monitor who clicked through on that post and where they ended up. It also pays to use GaggleAMP’s built-in Google Analytics tracking to monitor closely all social media activity in your Gaggles. Whatever you do, you’ll want to develop some sort of feedback system that can be measured across Gaggles and posts in order to track the progress of your program.
  • Measure performance, not activity: Employee attribution is about the performance of your employees and not necessarily their activity. Someone can do loads of work, but if it’s not effective in garnering engagements on social media, then that employee isn’t attributing to the company and will fall behind. Therefore, tailor your feedback system to track employee performance and not just their activity as a whole. This will draw you closer to a true measurement of employee attribution.
  • Measure campaign amplification: While this flies in the face of the previous recommendation, it may also pay to measure campaign amplification based on employee. If an employee is putting in the time and has a vast network but simply isn’t posting effectively, then there’s potential to increase that employee’s attribution if you develop their social media marketing tactics. This is a great way to foster growth of your social media campaign as a whole.

Measuring employee attribution is only as good as what you do with that information. Take those measurements into account when developing and fostering the growth of your social media marketing campaigns and of your employees. It’s a great way to truly track the benefits of your employee advocates while helping to guide you towards success.

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