While social media is a great way to boost your brand marketing, you can also utilize these resources as recruiting tools! Twitter is especially helpful, ranking at number two for most helpful in recruiting quality candidates by Social-Hire.com. With nearly 1 billion registered Twitter accounts, 250 million active users monthly, and more than 500 million tweets per day, your company could be missing out on a wealth of jobseekers! Even more stunning are the specific statistics relating to jobseekers as reported by marketwired.com:


  • Human Resources39% of all jobseekers are on Twitter
  • 23% of all job seekers (71% of those with a profile) have leveraged Twitter in their job hunt
  • 8% have updated Twitter with their professional information
  • 6% have received a job referral through Twitter
  • 8 million Americans credit Twitter as a source that led to their current job

With so many candidates searching on Twitter alone, your company should invest some serious time and effort into creating a business Twitter profile that can attract the most qualified candidates! Here are some ways that your company can use Twitter as a recruiting tool effectively:

  • Grab jobseeker attention with your Twitter presence. Even the most professional of job seekers is looking for a company that offers more than just a paycheck, especially when those job seekers are searching and applying for jobs on social media. These social gurus tend to gravitate towards companies that take the time to create an interactive and impressive profile on their social networking sites, so utilize all the features that Twitter has to offer to make your profile stand out! Create impressive backgrounds, engaging profiles, and interactive tweets to get your candidates interested in your company.
  • Be clear in  your intentions. While you likely find it difficult sifting through countless resumes and cover letters to fill your open positions, job seekers have an equally overwhelming task when searching through countless ‘help wanted’ posts. Be concise with your job title and description, and give a clear call to action for job seekers. Encourage candidates to respond and ask questions. After all, user engagement is what recruiting via social media is all about!
  • Encourage employee participation. As with other areas of social engagement on Twitter, having your employees share Tweets about postings and what they like about working at your company can really resonate with job seekers. Why not encourage employees to engage with job seekers on their own volition and in a genuine manner, it can make all the difference in a candidate’s decision to apply or accept your position! Encourage employees to share job recruiting posts, as these posts will have a better chance of reaching a larger group of qualified candidates.
  • #Hashtag. Never underestimate the hashtag! By following up your job posting with #job, #jobseeker, #helpwanted, or any other myriad of topical choices, you stand a better chance of users outside of your immediate following picking up on your post. Get specific when possible, as tweeting with the hashtag of, say, a conference you’re attending can broadcast to anyone else searching that conference’s hashtag that you’re looking to hire! It’s likely that you’ll find more qualified candidates when you use hashtags that are specific to a common group of people. The more strategic you are in your hashtag, the more likely you are to find higher quality candidates.

Form your recruiting strategy for Twitter wisely, as a well-planned recruiting post has a higher likelihood of quality over quantity returns.

Has your company ever used Twitter as a recruiting tool? How successful were the results?

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