When you’re pushing for a more active content sharing network, what’s your end goal? More clicks? More impressions? Sometimes, companies share content for reasons they haven’t quite clarified, and the companies that feel as though they know what they’re aiming for may be missing the bigger picture entirely. When it comes to content sharing, the act from start to finish is truly an artform. Sure, the metrics and analytics of more clicks, shares, impressions, etc are a great way to gauge your content sharing success, but when you delve deeper, you’ll find that the root causes for these successes lie in a more valuable indicator.

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What is the motivation?

Your company is motivated to share content because it’s how you garner interest, leads, and potential sales through the use of social media. But what’s the motivation for your employees to share your content? There can be many reasons why employees share your content, and pinpointing which ones pertain to your employees and your company can be the key to unlocking the art of content sharing:

  • Your employees feel obligated to share content. ← This type of obligatory content sharing can feel disingenuine to potential customers, and if you’re noticing that your employees aren’t necessarily thrilled with feeling forced to share your content, then you’re probably doing it wrong. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your content sharing strategy as well as your employee relations.
  • Your employees want to ‘share the good news’. ← This is a more promising indicator of a happy morale within the company, and you’ll likely see that the shared content garners more likes, clicks, shares, and impressions than if the employees merely feel obligated to share content without actually caring about what they’re sharing.
  • Your employees feel proud of the company they work for. ← Like the point above, this is a great indicator of happy morale within the company. Be sure to harness this pride into usable content sharing strategies through appropriate training.
  • Your employees want to educate their customers. ← While not necessarily an indicator of happiness with the company, it does show a motivation to cultivate relationships with customers and acquire sales. Take a hard look at this motivation to ensure that your employees aren’t actually losing customers by coming off as too ‘sales’y’.

Explore motivations to further tailor your content sharing strategy.

Once you’ve pinpointed where the motivation is within your employees to share content, then you can further develop your content sharing strategy. This is where content sharing truly becomes an artform, as only a skilled strategist with the capability to nail down motivations and utilize those motivations to further strengthen the marketing strategy will find themselves succeeding in the long-run.

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