Analyzing Employee Impact

Analyzing Employee Impact

At GaggleAMP, we’re continually stressing the importance of utilizing employees for boosting your marketing efforts and extending your social reach. Indeed, employee advocates are a highly undervalued resource for many brands, but the potential within those employees can be monumental. But what is the actual value of your employee advocates? What impacts do they have on your business? And what is the true potential that each employee advocate holds?


While it’s hard to say what any given individual employee can do for your marketing efforts in a concrete numerical form, we can estimate the impact that your employee advocates could have on your company if utilized appropriately. Plug in your statistics in this calculator below to get an idea of the value of your employee advocates:

By using this setup, you’ll be able to see how many users you could potentially touch if you were to utilize every employee in your company. Their value is calculated in terms of their social reach, but you can estimate that the total value is in fact the number of potential leads your company could gain if your employees were all utilized in marketing efforts. Each employee is worth their network in impacts to the company.

Once you’ve calculated the value of your employee advocates (essentially the amount of leads you could reach if you solely used employees for social media marketing), then you can determine the dollar amount that your employee advocates are worth by simply calculating what it would cost for your company to buy those leads via a paid program like sponsored posts. In this way, you’ve concretely analyzed the financial impact that your employees can have on your marketing strategy.

Let’s do a comparison by plugging in some numbers based on a small vs large company. On average, a user on LinkedIn will have 930 contacts {source}, so we’ll use that number for their reach.

[100 employees] * [930 users] = 93,000 users to potentially reach

[1,000 employees] * [930 users] = 930,000 users to potentially reach

There’s an additional value to the existing investment as well, but we can see how much of a difference even one employee can make in your marketing efforts. Consider the cost differences that would exist if you were to replace your employee advocates (who already work for you) with a paid program, and you can start to see a clearer picture of the true impact of your employees on social media marketing.

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Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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