Recently, Bobbie Carlton of Carlton PR & Marketing mentioned GaggleAMP in a story that they placed on their blog. The story presents a case study on a great use of crowd sourcing content ideas. It further describes the benefits of leveraging GaggleAMP as part of its amplification strategy.

"That’s right – the Today’s Marketing Cookie project has multiple opportunities for prospect engagement and participation – from the solicitation of the original inspirational fortunes, to the retweets, to the blog, to the Gaggle that helps promote the messages. (If you follow our adventures at Mass Innovation Nights, you’ll know that we also use a tool called GaggleAMP to help amplify the visibility of the 10 products we promote every month. Members of our Gaggle have signed up to help out and get a steady of stream of innovation-oriented content pushed to them. They, in turn, send the messages on to their networks.)"

To read the full story, visit here.

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