AMPlify Speaker Highlights

AMPlify Speaker Highlights

AMPlify will soon convene, gathering together speakers at the top of their fields for a one-of-a-kind social media event. Here’s the rundown on these professional leaders from a diverse group of enterprises to give attendees the training and leadership to address unique challenges associated with employee and partner engagement.

andrew-20141213125233Andrew Spoeth

As the Head of Social Media Marketing for CA Technologies, Spoeth’s expertise lies in generating buzz via word-of-mouth marketing, strengthening relationships, and driving business results for the company on social media platforms. His insights will help you learn how to drive social engagement and contribute to the demand generation using social media. <<Tweet This!>>



Sharon McIntosh

And Then Communications is a company dedicated to employee engagement, and McIntosh leads as President. She’ll provide valuable insights on internal communications strategies, employee ambassador programs, internal global audits, measurement strategies, and sales/marketing communications. <<Tweet This!>>


tonyTony Zayas

You’ve heard him on our Podcast; now meet him in person! For the past 10 years, Tony Zayas has been passionately engaged in the world of social media. Through harnessing the power of a well-developed customer/brand relationship, Zayas will teach attendees how to develop meaningful connections with consumers. <<Tweet This!>>


JustinJustin Gray

As the Lead CEO of LeadMD, Gray’s expertise lies in creating, managing, and converting quality leads. Through the use of marketing automation and content marketing, Justin will guide you towards success in your social media endeavors. <<Tweet This!>>



AlAl Biedrzycki

If you’ve ever struggled with channel growth, Al with Hubspot is your go-to man. He’s the Senior Channel Marketing Manager, and as such, his strengths are Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Account Management, Lead Gen, SEO, Creative Writing, Original Video Production and Graphic Design. <<Tweet This!>>



Myles Bristowe

The largest credit organization in the US is PSCU, and Bristowe heads up their marketing department as Marketing Principal. He leverages the power of social media to attract, engage and convert Millennials into new credit union members and will be bringing his knowledge to the AMPlify event. <<Tweet This!>>



IanIan Cross

It’s difficult to become a marketing professional without a background fortified in education. Cross is a Professor at Bentley University and Director of Center for Marketing Technology and will be bringing his knowledge of marketing to the AMPlify conference. <<Tweet This!>>



LoriLori Ruff

If your brand has ever struggled with aligning its representation of your message, culture and value to members, volunteers, sponsors, fans and constituency, then you’ll want to speak with Ruff at the AMPlify event. She’s the Chief Brand Evangelist for with valuable insights as the ‘LinkedIn Diva’, as she’s been lovingly dubbed! <<Tweet This!>>


NealNeal Schaffer

As President for the Social Media Center for Excellence, you can bet the Schaffer has valuable knowledge on the world of social media to bring to the table. He’s a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer two years in a row, a Forbes Top 5 Social Sales Influencer, and creator of the leading social media for business blog Maximize Social Business and, as such, is a must-see at this event! <<Tweet This!>>


RebeccaRebecca Lamboy

Specializing in community engagement, customer service, promotional sales and networking through social platforms, Lamboy understands the fast-paced environment of social media in the world of brand marketing today. She’s the Social Media Manager for Radware and is one of our talented speakers at the AMPlify event. <<Tweet This!>>



MitchellMitchell Levy

According to LinkedIN, Levy is the first ‘Thought Leader Architect’ in the world! He’s the CEO of THiNKaha and is focused on democratizing thought leadership. His intriguing, modernized approach to turning experts into ‘thought leaders’ makes his attendance at our event a must-see. <<Tweet This!>>



william-harrisSkeeter Harris

He’s the founder and President of Mac Village Productions and is the Social Media & Community Engagement Manager for EarthLink. His expertise in providing strategic direction for social media makes him an excellent source of information if you’re looking to build followers, grow brand loyalty, and extend your social reach. <<Tweet This!>>


amandaAmanda Nelson

She’s the Director of Marketing at RingLead, capitalizing on effective content marketing to drive social media strategies. Connect with Amanda if you’re looking to improve your brand’s planning, curation and creation of content that educates, informs, excites and solves the business challenges of our customers and prospects. <<Tweet This!>>


douglas-spencerDouglas Spencer

If Spencer’s name rings a bell, it’s probably because he’s been featured on our Podcast! Douglas Spencer is a marketing and branding expert and is president at Spencer Brenneman, LLC. As a brand strategy consultant, he has 25 years of experience in branding and marketing. He ensures that brand strategies build businesses by connecting with customers and employees. <<Tweet This!>>

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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