jason-white-headshot (1)Jason White is VP of SEO and Social Media for DragonSearch, a leading boutique player in Internet Marketing from search to social. Remaining on the cutting edge of digital marketing means outpacing the technology driven changes happening in the consumer and business markets. With his finger on the pules of a wide range of verticals, with a particular focus on leading B2B innovators, Jason leads the way as DragonSearch helps companies shift the way they interact with clients, prospects, and consumers to grow with the changing internet economy.

Jason has strategically implemented several employee advocacy programs for clients and brings a wealth of knowledge in this new and growing space. "I love how employee advocacy can change the culture and emotion within an organization. It's true that employees are more engaged with what is happening within the company but more importantly, have a stronger sense of pride towards the brand and coworkers. This pride permeates through everything that the employee does which changes the equation from selling content to selling company culture. I'd much rather sell culture over content since it evokes emotion which is our ultimate goal as marketers."

Come see Jason discuss employee advocacy with his fellow panelists at AMPlify May 11th & 12th.

AMPlify Panelist Jason White