When you are implementing a social media strategy, regardless of the size of the company, you want to show the path to success and focus on that- don’t try to slow people down; instead, try to tap into their passion. The passion is so powerful! Why did people join your company? Why are they excited to work there? These are the details that are going to help you sell your products and make your stock price go up. You have to tap into that because that is why the potential for social within the organization is so powerful; not just for marketing, but for talent pool development, for HR, and for internal communications. Show them that the path to social media success, and don’t forget to have some fun with it!

Just as a healthy, robust tree has plenty above the surface, below that you have an intricate, strong, broad system which supports the part above the surface. It starts out small and then grows and strengthens as the tree grows. This is a great analogy to consider for the significance of internal selling in expanding your social strategy. Implementing plans like executive buy-in for strategy and the objectives of your program can be considered a root to the system. Similarly, personnel, time, social equity, tools contribute to the system which allows the external tree to grow.

“But how do you approach internal selling? First, try to simplify and clarify the measurement and the definition of success. You don’t want to be chasing a nebulous goal.”

As you scale your efforts, it’s important not to lose that one-on-one interaction. Regardless of how many followers you have, it’s always a challenge to make sure that you don’t take the social concept out of social marketing. Don’t turn it into just another form of broadcast media. Simply by following people back; if a person is followed back with an account that has 90,000 followers- why wouldn’t you do that? Don’t stop there- reply to posts, favorite posts, and retweet posts. Or on LinkedIn, you can tag people and brands, even if your company page can’t have one of your executives do that in the comments. That’s a great way to give a gesture to that person and help you keep the human aspect in social marketing.

About Andrew Spoeth:

andrew-20141213125233Andrew Spoeth is the Head of Social Media Marketing for CA Technologies where he utilizes his expertise in generating buzz via word-of-mouth marketing, strengthening relationships and driving business results for the company on social media platforms. At CA Technologies, Spoeth deals with social media at scale which introduces a unique set of challenges.