Imagine that you are at a cool social media conference. Someone comes up to you and says "Do I want to get someone to share my message or should I focus building up my follower count?" What do you tell this person? Well, if you are a big social media person yourself with thousands of followers, your instinct might say to build up your follower count. If this is the case, fight your instinct because it is WRONG.

The following graph illustrates the marginal value of reach vs. shares for Twitter and Facebook. All marginal values are measured in terms of clicks. For each network, the marginal value of 1 share is compared with the marginal value of reach of 100. Reach is calculated by determining the number of followers an account has.


The results are pretty clear. Get just one person to share your message and you get far more click-through activity than if you were to get another 100 followers. When you consider where your efforts should be focussed, it should be on getting others to share your messages. This is a function of the messages you create and the ability to mobilize other people to share your messages. To help you manage the latter, consider giving GaggleAMP a try. Click here to being a FREE trial that will help you transform message sharing. The results will be more clicks, traffic and lead generation. Click here to try for FREE.