On April 15th, 2013, a beautiful Patriot’s Day surrounded the annual Boston Marathon. The festivities started as they normally did with runners converging in the quiet town of Hopkington, Massachusetts. As the day went on, the winners crossed the finish line in Downtown Boston. In the afternoon as the crowds milling around the finish line cheering on the runners who continue to make it past the finish line. Then around 2:50PM as the day could not get any better, two consecutive explosions rang out near the congested finish line. The death toll as we write this is 3 with 140 injured. These numbers are expected to rise.

Many of our customers and partners along with our friends and family have contacted all of us to see how we are doing. We thank you all for reaching out. Our offices are located 2 miles from this tragedy. Our team is all safe, but we can’t help but feel for the pain of all of those affected by this tragedy. In a broad sense, we are all affected. If not physically, but certainly emotionally.

What the perpetrators did not count on is the solidarity of our community. From the people at the event, the first responders and the community at large, we pull together, and we overcome.

It is times like this when we are reminded of all the things that are so great in life. Today, the sun rose again, the GaggleAMP team is safe and we continue to do the things that we love to do in support of our amazing customers and partners. We are mindful of the events that took place so close to us and will take some time to absorb what has happened to so many of our neighbors.

Thank you for your concern and interest. Like you, we will continue to monitor the situation and support our community as best we can.

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