Retweets are a fantastic way to expand the reach of your social content. Not only will it potentially be seen by all of your followers, but the followers of the person who chooses to share your post. So, you crafted a magnificent 140 character tweet that you know everyone will be interested in seeing, liking and sharing.  But why isn't everybody retweeting your tweet?  Here are 7 tips to get your encourage others to retweet your tweets.

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How to get retweeted
  1. Keep 'em short 
    Don’t think of Twitter’s 140 character limit as a target. Your target, instead, should be around 100 to 120 characters - this gives others between 20 to 40 characters for their own commentary, and well as “RT @YourName” too.  Don't forget to include an image to grab your viewers attention.  Often a 140 character tweet is lost amongst the images, videos, and gifs floating through your twitter streams.
  2. Use #hashtags
    Hashtags identify your tweets with specific topics, so others who are searching for those topics can find your posts. Hashtags are especially useful for events, when a lot of people who might not be following you want to follow that event closely.  Look to your industry influencers to see what hashtags they are using, or create a hashtag that is unique to your company.  But remember to keep the 'tags relevant to the tweet. Are hashtags still necessary?  Check out this blog to learn more.
  3. Watch your timing
    The best time to share your twitter post is different for each audience. Even the day of the week matters, with retweets spiking during the weekends. Do some experimenting, and try to find out when your followers are in a sharing mood.  Many social sharing platforms (like GaggleAMP)  allow you to track the best time to share a post, and when you get the most engagement with your tweets.
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  4. Give 'em a nudge
    It doesn’t hurt to ask for a retweet, as long as you don’t overdo it. Add Please retweet or something similar on some of your tweets - you’d be surprised at how many people oblige.
  5. Don’t be too pushy
    We tackled this in our primer on social media etiquette, but it bears repeating. Don’t keep linking to a sales pitch, and share things that you think your followers will find useful.
  6. Lead by example
    Retweeting others says a couple of things about you: that you’re not a bot or spammer, and that you’re not focused entirely on yourself. Retweeting also helps you build goodwill with others, and increases the chances that they’ll follow and retweet you.
  7. Don't forget your content
    We’ll repeat the idea we said above: tweet about things you think your followers will find useful. Whatever media you use, content is still king.