Heather Fletcher from Target Marketing interviews GaggleAMP's Glenn Gaudet on advertising and social media:

Understand that, sometimes, niche sites can cater to a diverse audience.

In the case of DYAC, Gaudet says billing system Recurly is letting its offer do the targeting, not the site.

"Ads like this are placed there because the sites cater to a very large general audience and the ads are specific enough that (hopefully) only people who are genuinely interested in them will click on them," Gaudet says. "The landing page on the Recurly site also weeds out irrelevant visitors—it's just a sales/marketing funnel with a really big top. To play in this game, companies need to do as much pre-qualification as they can with the ad messaging up front. It's all about an initial messaging—companies have to strike a balance between specific enough to weed out the irrelevant clicks (that they would have to pay for) and showing up with a completely irrelevant ad that would make people wonder what they are doing there. It shows an intelligence around lead acquisition strategy, go to less targeted sites that have lower rates and narrow the call to action to just what you want."

Gaudet's client, enterprise energy management provider JouleX, says GaggleAMP gives his company with insight in order to amplify the proper JouleX message across social media, which has tripled Web traffic quadrupled leads. JouleX Marketing Director Player Pate says:

"Sharing messages and information across social media is a vital and growing part of the marketing mix. Ensuring that our employees, partners and customers can deliver our messages allows us to garner a larger audience and respondents than we can get just on our social accounts."

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