5 Statistics About Employee Engagement

5 Statistics About Employee EngagementEmployee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or her organization, and your brand depends on it! The interactivity and engagement of your employees will boost your company beyond just ‘making a paycheck’ - it can increase profits, reduce turnover rates, and improve your social media campaigns. GaggleAMP relies on employees who are engaged with their company. Here are 5 statistics about employee engagement that may surprise you.


1. 90% of leaders believe that an engagement strategy can impact their company’s success. That’s a great statistic, provided that the idea is translated into action! Unfortunately, barely 25% of those companies actually have an engagement strategy. So where’s the disconnect? It may be a case of ‘easier said than done’, but a strategy is the first step to action, and without the planning stage, your employee engagement is likely to falter. Start with a strategy, and then plan your method of attack.

2. 75% of people who voluntarily leave the company don’t actually quit their job - they quit their bosses. The people in your company are what drives success, and the company should be designed to support those people. There are three key drivers to employee engagement that all have to do with these interpersonal relationships: The  relationship with Direct Manager, Belief in the Senior Leadership, and Pride in Working for the Company. Take this statistic as a reminder that to foster engagement (which ripple effects all aspects of the company), you have to foster the relationships.

3. 40% of the workforce knows their companies goals, strategies, and tactics. Sure, employees don’t need to know all the fine details of your company, but they do deserve to have enough information to be able to promote your company. Keep your employees informed on how best to reach your company’s goals, track employee engagement strategies, and you're sure to have a more loyal and focused workforce.

4. Highly engaged employees receive more feedback than those with low engagement. And it’s not necessarily the engagement that is driving management to give more feedback. In fact, it’s the other way around! The more feedback you provide to your employees, the more likely they are to stay engaged with the company. 43% of highly-engaged employees receive feedback once a week. That’s a huge goal for many companies with a lot of employees, but it’s one to pay attention to because...

5. Companies with engaged employees outperform their counterparts by 202%. That’s more than 2 times the annual net income! Engagement correlates with company success, and fostering that employee engagement is a profitable endeavor. Explore all avenues to reap the most benefits, and your employees will likely stick around for the long-haul.

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Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker

Stephanie Hacker is the former Content Writer at GaggleAMP.

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