Mary Hiers recently did a post on titled 5 Auto-sharing Tools to Make You More Productive. In the post, Mary included GaggleAMP as one of the five solutions mentioned. In it she, sets GaggleAMP apart from the others:

"GaggleAMP works a bit differently, but it's extremely powerful for auto-sharing. With GaggleAMP, you or your client creates a network of people (a Gaggle), which may include employers, partners, sellers, or particularly valued customers. They can share and post client messages and content, amplifying its effects far more than simply sharing it on social media sites."

Mary goes on to talk about the benefits that comes with responsible auto-sharing posts:

"If you manage social media accounts for your employer or for outside clients, auto-sharing tools are great for automating many of the more mundane tasks of content sharing. GaggleAMP takes it a step further by letting you leverage your most loyal followers and making it easier for them to spread the word effectively."

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