Employee advocacy is a critical component to content sharing and social media marketing in general.

GA HelpContent sharing relies heavily on the relationship between company and employees, as your employee advocates play an integral role in your ability to extend your online reach. Thus, at GaggleAMP, we’re strong advocates for - you guessed it - YOUR advocates! But the way that your company approaches employee advocacy and content sharing can become awkward, diminishing the results that one would expect to see when many employees are sharing your content online. How could this occur? Here are three indicators that you may be going about ‘employee advocacy’ and ‘content sharing’ wrong, as well as ideas for remediating the situation.

  • Too Much Obligation. When we say that there’s too much obligation placed on your employees, we aren’t saying that you’ve given them too many tasks to do. Instead, we’re referring to the perception of content sharing and how employees view their role in the matter. Do they actually want to share your content, or do they feel forced to share it? The results of the latter can come off as disingenuous to the internet community and, thus, can harm your marketing efforts.
    • Solution: While requiring a certain amount of content sharing should be expected within your company, be sure to make the requirement minimal and to instead praise and support those who go above and beyond the threshold (which should be an easy goal to achieve).
  • Not Enough Follow-Up. Let’s say that you and your employees have a stellar relationship. You know they’re ‘spreading the good news’, and you feel confident that your content sharing strategy is top-notch. Yet, you’re still not seeing the results you’d like. Do you follow up with your employees to show them the analytics? Have they been able to see their own successes? Keeping follow-up info to yourself does no favors for your employee who may thrive off of knowing how their efforts are impacting your content sharing strategy.
    • Solution: Schedule a sit-down with your employees on a regular basis - either in small groups or as individuals - and highlight successes based on which posts were most engaging and why.
  • No Rewards or Consequences. Feeling the satisfaction of knowing you’ve made a difference is great, but many employees are looking for a little recognition from higher-ups too. Conversely, if there are no consequences for blatantly ignoring social media and content sharing requests, then there’s no real initiative for your employees to do more.
    • Solution: Create a loose but structured policy to dictate what goals must be achieved (but remember to keep the obligations to a minimum) as well as what it would take to put your employees over the top!

Employee advocacy is a critical component to content sharing and social media marketing in general. Avoid these three pitfalls to ensure that your efforts are successful!

Getting Started With Employee Advocacy