GA boost productivityThe productivity of your sales team on social media isn’t dependent on a single factor. Indeed, there are many influencers that can affect how productive your sales team is or could be. While some are more obvious (work ethic, goals, etc), others can be harder to pinpoint. Many brands forget that productivity is also dependent on what they provide to their sales team as tools.

Here are three ways that you can help your sales team boost their productivity on social media.

  1. Ensure Sales’ Efforts are Having Maximum Impact : Consider a scenario where you’re asking your team to paddle a boat upstream, but then you only give them a stick rather than an oar. No matter how much effort they’re putting into reaching their goal, the fact of the matter is that the tools they’ve been given aren’t having a maximum impact.The same goes for social media! Your sales team has been given a task, and you can ensure that their efforts are having a maximum impact by funneling engaging content their way via GaggleAMP. This way, they have the tools they need to succeed, and from there on out, it’s merely a matter of doing the work to reach the final destination.
  2. Help Sales to Spend Minimum Amounts of Time Possible : This isn’t a matter of supporting laziness but rather ensuring that their organizational skills and your marketing setup supports efficiency. When you’re achieving tasks under a well-organized schematic, you’ll find that you’re spending less time working to achieve the same goals, freeing you up to promote the brand even further or work on building stronger relationships with your customers.How do you do this? It’s simple: Provide your employees with pre-packaged content so that they aren’t constantly searching various sites to try to come up with engaging content. Give them one place to share from - like GaggleAMP - so that they don’t have to scour all avenues of social media to acquire said content from the company.
  3. Follow-up with Metrics and Analytics : This should always be part of any social media marketing strategy or employee advocacy program, as there’s no way to show employees how productive they’ve been and how far they’ve come without presenting them with the metrics and analytics tied to their efforts. It solidifies existing strategies and gives insight into avenues for improvement.

By ensuring that sales team efforts are having maximum impacts with minimum time investments, you’re likely to see growth in the resulting metrics and analytics!

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