Recruiting new employees is a time-consuming and often frustrating venture. With the advent of social media came the introduction of new ways of finding a pool of candidates, but the scope of our efforts was also magnified hundreds of times because of the sheer volume of users on social media. Now, many brands are utilizing their employees smartly in the recruiting process. Here are three big ways that employees can help you in your recruiting efforts.

3 ways recruiting

Selecting Candidates

The best qualities of social media as a recruiting tool also create setbacks. The increase in interested parties is just one of those setbacks, as it creates an enormous workload for the hiring manager, and many times the candidates simply aren’t even qualified for the position. This is where your employees can step in and assist. With their understanding of the business and its requirements, your employees have an understanding of the type of person it may take to fill said positions. Rather than paying an external agency to wade through the candidates, utilize employees for the task. As an added bonus, your employees will feel valued and morale stands to improve from the task as well!

Enticing Quality Candidates

Sure, your employees can tackle the manpower needed to sift through the applicants, but those same employees likely already know a few candidates who are well-suited for the job. Consider candidates that your employees recommend. When employees know that they can benefit from attracting others to the business, your internal PR will improve, and participation in recruiting fosters a team spirit of contribution to the big picture.

Use Employees as Peer Reviewers

The interview process is typically best left to management, but that doesn’t mean that your employees don’t have valuable input into what it takes to ‘work the trenches’, so to speak. Your employees have an idea of who might meld best with the existing workplace structure, and that insight is something that management may not have such a firm grasp on. This could shift your interview process and help pinpoint who is not only best qualified but also who is the best fit for the company.

Just beyond the recruitment process, you can also utilize your employees as mentors to help shift the new recruit into their position and into the company structure. Not only does the new employee feel a better sense of comfort, but the mentoring employee now feels valued as a contributing member of the team. Your employees have huge potential when it comes to recruiting, and your company should take advantage of this priceless internal resource.


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