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3 Characteristics of Happy and Engaged Employees

Posted on 12/09/2015

See who is sharing content and who is active on social media on behalf of your company. The ones who are most active are likely reflecting the characteristics of pride, ambition, and happiness. 

A good gauge for employee satisfaction is engagement. Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment an employee has to his or he3 Characteristics of Happy and Engaged Employeesr organization, and your brand depends on it! The interactivity and engagement of your employees will boost your company beyond just ‘making a paycheck’ - it can increase profits, reduce turnover rates, and improve your social media campaigns. Click here to learn how to build a highly engaged workforce.  GaggleAMP relies on employees who are engaged with their company. But how can you tell if your employees are engaged?

There are several characteristics that are typical of an engaged employee.  These characteristics are a combination of inherent personality as well as their emotional growth as your employee. Here are three to hone in on:

  1. Pride: Does your employee tell friends and family about new job openings in your company? Does your employee share your status updates and spread news about promotions? There are many questions that can help you get to the root of the matter of pride. When your employee passionately supports your brand’s mission, vision, and values, they’re likely to feel a sense of pride. This pride typically drives them to engage more with the company that they value so deeply.
  2. Ambition: While many may see ambition as a character trait that needs to be innate, the fact is that the spark of ambition can be fueled into a fire when an employee values their company -- and this ambition drives engagement. Does your employee volunteer to accept more work? Do they proactively share content on social media before being asked? Are they looking for ways to help promote your brand? When you see an ambitious employee who is utilizing that ambition to further the success of your company, then you’ve likely got an engaged employee in your arsenal.
  3. Happiness and Forward-Thinking: Employees who are most likely to engaged are ones that feel a sense of happiness in their occupation and who foresee a future with their company as well. While this is further reflected in their sense of pride, happiness is a great marker for engagement as well. Are your employees having conversations with their managers about how they’re going to get their goals - including their career goals - accomplished? Are they asking, how can I help you do that? By offering to contribute and asking how the company plays a role in their own lives, your employees are showcasing their feelings of long-term employment, and typically only employees who are happy with their jobs are likely to see themselves with the same company down the road. If you’re wondering whether or not your employees are engaged, first look at whether or not they’re happy with their job.

When there are feelings of growth, appreciation, and trust between employees and their company, then they’re more likely to be engaged. To tell whether or not your employees are, in fact, engaged, take a look at the analytics on GaggleAMP to start. See who is sharing content and who is active on social media on behalf of your company. The ones who are most active are likely reflecting the characteristics of pride, ambition, and happiness.Getting Started With Employee Advocacy

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